Friday, August 10, 2018

Some cascade styles of Bonsai of Ficus and Jades. 
Demo on cascade style at Bodhi Bonsai Association Chennai, monthly meeting on 11/08/2018 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Bodhi bonsai monthly meeting was held at Children 's Green Park Chetpet, Chennai,on July 14,2018.
It was well attended including few guests. Two new members joined us.
Bonsai experts Dr Yogesh & Ms. Suseela Vergis, helped Mr.Ram and Ms Sabu Ali to style  their bonsai.
They also demonstrated,how to make twin trunk bonsai.
There was a display of twin trunk bonsai from the members.
Mr George explained how to make bonsai soil suitable for South Indian conditions using raw materials available here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dr Nayak styles the bonsai without wiring.

These bonsai belong to Dr Ganesh Nayak, Cardiac Surgeon, Bengaluru. I had a chance to visit his exotic bonsai garden today.

Monday, June 25, 2018


Sokan style, or twin-trunk Bonsai has two trunks rising from the root system, or nebari. The trunks may split immediately above the roots, or rise as one from the soil and then split after a few inches.
The perfect and most sought-after Sokan Bonsai has one trunk taller and thicker than the other, with both trunks being visible when viewed from the front of the pot/tree. The branch positions, working around both trunks, should be as follows: left, right and back. There should not be any branches pointing from one trunk to the other.
Many Bonsai enthusiasts love the Sokan style as it gives the grower a chance to work with two trees, sometimes making a great piece from two trees that wouldn’t otherwise have made great Bonsai on their own terms.
You could imagine this style of Bonsai to be like creating a ‘marriage’. The larger tree is the male, carefully and lovingly protecting his wife from the harsh elements by shading her and gently arching over her. Ultimately the apex of both trees will meet to form one – and when creating correctly, this can be an absolutely stunning composition.
Care must be taken when creating Sokan style Bonsai, especially where the back branches and the roots are concerned. There will be an empty void between the two trunks that will require filling with suitable back branches, if not the grower will have created an empty void that will detract from the composition.
Another feature that may happen if the tree is left to grow unchecked is a reverse taper rising from the nebari (root system). This can easily happen due to the twin trunk effect, so the roots will need due care and attention to ensure they remain exposed and the taper is clearly evident at the tree’s base

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Some of the bonsai by Bodhi Bonsai Association Chennai...