Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleeping Pine from singapore

This is a beautiful plant I managed to spot in a nursery in Singapore . I packed & brought it protecting the root ball using wet sphagnum moss. I have planted it in one of big pots I bought from Bonsai world Kochi. I am hoping to stabilise the plant before cutting & pruning it into a Bonsai . Here are some details about this plant

Juniper Chinensis / Juniperus horizontalis -- Chinese Juniper is a shrub or tree, very variable in shape, reaching 1-20 m tall. It is native to northeast Asia, in China, Mongolia, Japan, and Korea . It is grown as a groundcover growing 12 to 18 inches tall, spreading 12 to 20 feet; and forming broad, dense roughly circular mats. A single plant can cover an area 6-10' in diameter. The leaves on new shoots are needle-like and sharp-pointed. It stays less than 6" tall, and has foliage that is bright steel-blue-green in summer .

This is another view of the plant . Please see the amazing blue -green colour of the leaves . It is a stunning plant . Hope to make it survive our summer heat .

PS : If anyone needs big chinese pots like the one you see here please come & see the extra pieces I have from the stock received from Kochi



  1. Hi Satya
    Hope it is suitable for styling as bonsai.
    Colour of the leaves is really astonishing. What type of soil the nursery recommends.
    Is it Chinesis pfitzeriana?

  2. Hi Satya,
    I do not have your number or address - please send it to me as I would like to see the pots you have.