Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bonsai workshop at Dr C L Metha Sishya OMR School

“Bodhi Bonsai” conducted a Bonsai workshop for Grade 8 students of Dr C L Metha Sishya OMR School on 22nd July. This is a year long programme during which Jayanthi and Suseela will train the students in the art of Bonsai.  They used Ficus and Jade plants which are suitable for Chennai weather conditions. The students were really keen and they are at the right age to pick up the nuances of this living art. We appreciate the interest shown by the school management and teaching staff in bringing this initiative to the students.

Sishya1 (1280x960) Sishya2 (1280x960)  Sishya3 (960x1280)Sishya4 (1280x960)

The one day workshop, which was conducted by the members of Bodhi Bonsai association at Sisya School on OMR, was a great success. The students were from the Eight Grade and a few of the teachers were also part of the enthusiastic audience...
The programme started with a brief talk on the basics of Bonsai by Jayanthi Praksh . This was followed by a power point presentation on the various styles of Bonsai.
A simple demo to create a basic bonsai was done by Suseela Vergis.
The entire procedures were done in a very simple and easy way to suit the young minds.
Afterwards, the group was divided into two groups and each group was given a pre bonsai material to work on. They were showed wiring, pruning, and root management. The students did the repotting too.
They were instructed, how to look after the trees,, one a Jade and other a Ficus Benjamina.
The members will have to do a periodic check up on the progress of the trees.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 6th Bonsai Workshop at Defense Officers’ Institute, Chennai


Bonsai Master Ravindran styling the large pre bonsai Casuarina into a twin trunk  Bonsai



Large pre bonsai Jade plant being styled

into a semi cascade Bonsai


Bonsai Master summing up


Few Bodhi Bonsai members with the Master

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Bonsai Workshop conducted by Bonsai Master D Ravindran on July 6  was well attended.  Mr Ravindran is an Advisor to Bodhi Bonsai.  This was the first workshop by Mr Ravindran  after the formation of BODHI – The Chennai Bonsai Association.

At the outset, Mr. Ravindran gave an illuminating talk on the various aspects of Bonsai creation.

Mr Ravindran then beautifully styled two Casuarina pre-bonsai plants brought by him into twin trunk & informal upright style Bonsai. He also styled a large Jade brought by a member into a semi cascade style.

There was a hands-on-session after lunch where  12 members participated. Each member was given a separate space to style their plant independently. Mr Ravindran went around and guided each member on how to select the right kind of pre-bonsai plant, discussed the style that suits their pre-bonsai plant and briefed them on pruning, wiring and every aspect of creating a pre-bonsai plant into a good Bonsai.

It was a rich learning experience not only to the participants of the hands-on-session, but even to others as they accompanied Mr Ravindran on his visit to each table and  valuable tips were picked up.

After seeing the post in our Blog, few non-members too attended the Bonsai workshop.  Four of them joined Bodhi Bonsai as regular members.  They said that they had greatly benefited by the workshop and the way it was planned and executed.

A big 'Thank You' to all those who made this workshop a success.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Way to Bonsai workshop venue

From Kathipara Junction to Defense colony:

Turn towards Porur (Bangalore rd). You enter St.Thomas mount.About a km from the jn you will see a mosque on your left. cross the mosque and turn right towards St. Thomas Hospital.at road separator made of metal. Cross the hospital and keep going till you reach the military hospital gate(M.H)---about 1/2 km from st. thomas hospital.From M.H keep going straight and you will cross IOB Bank on your right. Go a little further and you will see DEFENSE COLONY INSTITUTE on the right.(cream building with yellow borders).less than 1/2 km from M.H gate.

From Ashok pillar to Defense Colony:

Come upto KASI Theatre. after kasi theatre there is a bridge. Go BELOW the bridge and you will cross on a causeway over the Adayar river. at the end of causway take first right near AMWAY.you will enter KALAIMAGAL NAGAR .Here ask for Defense colony. end of kalaimagal nagar you will cross a barrier to prevent entry of trucks.after the barrier  you are entering Defense Colony. Drive straight  till the end of road and turn left. Go straight for about a km. and you will see DEFENCE COLONY INSTITUTE on the left. (cream building with yellow borders).


Wednesday, July 3, 2013




Day long opportunity to learn Bonsai techniques!!

Watch carefully the demos of renowned Bonsai Master D. Ravindran

at close quarters.

Pay attention to the methods adapted by the members of ‘BODHI BONSAI’

to create various Bonsai styles from mature pre-bonsai plants.


Closely observe, discuss, clear doubts & learn the art of Bonsai.  Join us:

Date:    SATURDAY, JULY 6, 2013

Time:    10 am to 5 pm

Venue:  DEFENSE OFFICER’S INSTITUTE,  Defense Officers’ Colony,

Ekkaduthangal, CHENNAI 600032.  (Near the Army Hospital)

Registration fees for non-members:  Rs. 1000/- per person  inclusive of working Lunch & Beverages

Early Registration Necessary

Contact: 9962574590 /  90003062129 / 9840039800