Saturday, July 31, 2010

Photos of the Bonsai Worskshop by Jyothi Parekh at Chennai, July 25 2009

This Workshop was organized by Bodhi - The Bonsai Association of Chennai.

Jyothi Parekh shaping a Juniper - cascade style




1.Suchitra - MC of the day








2.Welcome address - Mr. Shivaji - The President








3.Introduction of Jyothi Parekh - Suseela Vergis








5.Jyothi Parekh shaping a ficus virens








6.Memento & Shawl for Joythi Parekh from Bodhi

7. Jyothi with participants



8. Jyothi Parekh with participants




9. Jyothi with participants

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am eagerly waiting to see Ms Jyothi Parekhs demo on Sunday. Hope all our members would attend the function.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bonsai Demonstration by Jyoti Parekh on July 25, 2010

Bodhi - the Chennai Bonsai Association is proud to present a Bonsai demonstartion by Jyoti Parekh,
one of the leading Bonsai Artists in our country.
Jyothi is the author of 2 books on bonsai, and founded the Bonsai Study Group of The Indo-Japanese Association, Mumbai along with Nikunj Parekh. You can read more about Jyoti on her website.

This bonsai demonstration will be held on Sunday 25th July, from 10am to 1pm at the Presidency Club, Chennai. Lunch will be provided.
Those who are interested in attending, please write to 

demo of bonsai at IWA

Chinese Garden Singapore

The Stone Bonsai at this garden is amazing. It is an inspiration for creating Bonsai landscapes without getting restricted to Tree cutting & shaping . The quality of the ferns & moss on the stone is excellent.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interview with Udayakumar by Bonsaifarms Blog

Here is an interview with Udayakumar By bonsaifarms blog

Here is an excerpt:
Do you think clubs can promote this art?
Sure, Bonsai clubs are mostly non profitable organizations that can give practice to an individual and also sets a stage to showcase the individual’s art.

Interview with Suseela Vergis by Bonsaifarms Blog

Here is an interesting interview with Suseela Vergis

An excerpt:
About bonsai club?
Bodhi is Chennai Bonsai association functioning for couple of years. All interested Bonsai passionate can join the club. Clubs are very good medium for promoting this special art, it creates a good opportunity for Bonsai artists to get together share ideas and promote the art.

Styles of bonsai

Click the link below to see different styles of bonsai.
This was a presentation made at our recent workshop.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A report on the Bodhi Bonsai Workshop held on 4th July

The Bodhi Bonsai workshop held on 4th July at Abu Palace Hotel, Chennai from 9.30 to 5 pm.

About 18 participants attended the workshop, which conducted by the members of the club.
Members demonstrated with actual Bonsai specimen, and with powerpoint presentations.
Participants benefited from the practical experience of the members of the Bodhi Bonsai Association of Chennai.
There was a lively discussion, and many questions on bonsai growing were answered.

Refreshments and lunch was excellent. In the end each participant was gifted a mature bonsai in a lovely ceramic container.
Few of the participants expressed their desire to become members.

The full forum of members were present, except Satyabhama. We missed you, Satya.

Article in Mylapore Times about Bonsai Show

Here is an article that appeared in the Mylapore Times on May 31st 2010 about a Bonsai Exhibition held at the Indo Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

Here are excerpts from the article.

Age could be a plus point – it sure was true at the exhibition of Bonsai that the Indo Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Eldams Road organised at the chamber premises this past week.

Bodhi -the Chennai Bonsai Association had put out their exhibits and also demonstrated the technique of wiring, shaping and other ways of encouraging growth of trees horizontally.

The result is a set of ‘trees’, some 40 – 50 years old, barely a few feet high, with thick tree trunks and branches and some with fruit and flowers to boot!

Suganthy Aiyaswamy and Molly Cherian were the exhibitors who are part of the Bodhi group.
Prof. N. Krishnaswami, President of the IJCCI worked along with the members of the chamber to showcase the exhibition

Article in Hindu about Bodhi Bonsai Exhibition

Here is an article that appeared in The Hindu dated February 24th, 2010 about the Bonsai Exhibition conducted by Bodhi Chennai at Lalit Kala Academy.

Here are excerpts from the article.

Weather-beaten bonsai trees with stout roots criss-crossing inside trays provide a very Japanese flavour, part of the Japanese art exhibition, ‘Passage to the future: Art from a new generation in Japan,' organised by the Consulate General of Japan at Chennai, ABK-AOTS Dosokai, and Japan Foundation.

An assortment of Bonsai trees, that are over 30 years old or more, take a major share of space at the exhibition. The trees that are nurtured by the ‘Bodhi – Chennai Bonsai Association' stand as evidence to years of meticulous maintenance by their owners.

“Every tree needs constant wiring, pruning, grafting, clamping, watering and care. As they are tropical trees, they need a lot of sunlight,” explains K.Sivaji, president, Bodhi. The artfully sculpted trees attract a steady stream of visitors.