Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bodhi`s monthly meeting on the 14th December 2013.

    We had a wonderful inter active secession today at Spaces in 
Beasent Nagar. The demo by Ms. Molly Cherian on Fusion of trunks
 and talk about the bonsai Clubs in Singapore by Ms. Satyabama ,
were very informative. The meeting was well attended.
Thank you very much, Molly and Satya. Thank you Dr. Yogesh for the refreshments...

From the secretary`s desk..

Friday, December 13, 2013


A potted plant becomes Bonsai, when it attains the appearance of a mature tree.  Maturity can be achieved by adopting different methods.

One such method is Fusion Bonsai.

Here,  saplings or nursery plants of similar kind,  can be fused together to get a good girth for the trunk to create a Bonsai in a short  period of time.


ON  SATURDAY,  DEC. 14, 2013  AT  2 pm  at SPACES,  1, Eliot  Beach  Road,  Besant  Nagar,  Chennai  during  BODHI 

 Bonsai's  monthly  meeting.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Approach graft

        Trunk Fusion as a Bonsai Technique.
Trunk fusion is a method in grafting . In bonsai this technique is useful in making a comparatively large base trunk, in a relatively short time.The taper and style of the tree can be controlled from the initial stage itself. The size of the tree can decided early.
      Approach grafts are commonly used. Usually one can start with two or more rooted cuttings or saplings.They are secured together with tapes or insulated wires.As the plants grow and swell, the pressure of being firmly held together ,make the pieces fuse together.Once the fusion is achieved, the tapes and wires should be removed.
      Multiple approach graft involves ,securing cuttings or seedlings side by side to form a big trunk. 50 to 100 cuttings can be used.They should have a good root system to support them.Using raffia or fiber ropes , to initially secure the plants is good to prevent scars. Wiring can be done on top of this.
The plants should be placed close to each other, with out any space between them. Gaps will delay the fusion.While the process of arranging the trees is going on , care should be taken to see that the roots are not dried up. So constant misting is needed.  
       Once the whole process of arranging and wiring is over,plant the entire group into a growth pot, with well nourishing soil mix.Once the new growth starts, they should be allowed to grow freely. Bonsai training can start after one year of planting, when all the cuttings are fused together and the wires are removed.
       Always keep a few spare trees as reserve,so that they can be replaced for any dead ones, in case if there are any.
Plants suitable for this type of grafting are different types of Ficus trees, Jade, Schefflera Etc.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

 The Chennai Bonsai Association Bodhi .... meeting for the month of December 2013.
Venue:  Spaces, No. 1 Elliots Beach Road,
Beasent Nagar.... 14th Saturday, December 2013...Time 2.30 to 4.30

A demo on Fusion of Trunks in Bonsai making,, by Ms. Molly Cherian.
Talk on the functioning of international Bonsai Clubs ,,by Ms. Satyabama.
Mini exhibition of bonsai trees,, correction of trees etc

All are welcome.                                         guest charge: 150/

Secretary`s Desk.