Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Controlling snail and slug

Bonsai  plants face a threat during the monsoon from snails and slug. Even though they are good in cleaning environment by consuming decaying matter, they damage  bonsai plants, vegetable and flowering plants, orchid, banana etc. They are active at night, causing severe havoc to the garden.




* Hand collection and destruction will be  effective.

* Cut pieces of papaya stem may be placed to attract and trapping snails.

* Use wet gunny bags and papaya leaves as a bait  to collect them.

* Lime or bleaching powder may be sprinkled on the infected area.

* Common salt may be spread on snails to  kill them.

* A small bowl of beer will attract and kill the slugs.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

                                    Pine Trees and Junipers
Every Bonsai enthusiast would like to own a bonsai of a pine or a juniper tree. They are temperate zone trees and can easily conform to any particular bonsai style. Their advantage again is their needles in the place of leaves and not too vigorous root system.
Since these trees are not common in Chennai with our tropical weather system, we usually mistake both the types for each other.
                              Both Pines and Junipers along with their close relatives like Spruce, Firs, Yew etc belong to the genera Conifers.  Conifers are cone bearing plants and trees. they do not flower , but produce seeds in a structure made up of modified leaves called bracts, that later become cones.
                              All pine trees have needles,, but all needled evergreens are not pines.
A distinguishing trait of pine trees is that their leaves (needles) are bundled together in packs of two to five . Needles may be long or short, but if they are clumped together, it is a pine for sure
In Juniper and Thuja( common in Chennai),which are also evergreens, the leaves are replaced by needles. Again the shape and size of the needle (leaf) vary,but it is flat and overlap one another, like the shingles on a roof. The foliage may vary, in texture from soft to prickly, but all the Junipers have overlapping needle trait.
In the nurseries in Chennai we can get junipers and thujas. and rarely pines too.
So Bonsai Lovers try your luck with the evergreens..

Suseela Vergis..

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bonsai makes me feel peaceful - An interview with our Patron, Mr. Ponnuswami

Here is an interview Mr. M. Ponnuswami which was featured in BursaBonsai.com.
Mr. Ponnuswami is an International Consultant with the World Bonsai Friendship Federation, China. He is the Patron of Bodhi Bonsai, Chennai and he has helped us to learn advanced techniques and get an insight into the latest developments in the world of Bonsai.
Here is an excerpt from the interview. You can read the rest of the interview here:
How has bonsai art impacted you as a person?
It is a fascinating activity and the plants are a joy to look at. Bonsai has increased my power of concentration, and cured me of my short temper and touchy nature. I spend over an hour a day tending to my bonsai and time flies by. It serves me as a form of meditation; it keeps me peaceful 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bodhi the Chennai Bonsai Assocation, will meet on the 9th,, Saturday,November, 2013... at Children,s green Park. on Spurtank Road..
Time  2.30 to 5PM
Agenda... Demo on instant bonsai making ..Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Uday
                Talk on Micronutrients ...............Ms. Suganthy Aiyaswamy
                 Display of " Trees of the Month"
                 Correction of Trees by members.

All are welcome. Contact No.. 9884062210..Ms. Suseela Vergis