Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feedback about the Oct 13 Bonsai Workshop

Today’s Bonsai workshop a grand success.  The planning and excellent team work seen right from  when this idea was concieved ensured that this It is indeed a memorable occasion for BODHI. 

Registration went on smoothly.  38 participants from different walks of life attended the workshop.  Most of the participants took the trouble of registering early on telephone.

The seating pattern was such that  participants could easily see the demo without straining their neck and the stage arrangement nice and beautiful.

Demos were so impressive and well executed that many participants are now thinking of joining BODHI.

Bonsai plants brought by the members were displayed attractively on the stage, with informative labeling   This was a great attraction and learning experience to the participants.  Besides the display has greatly enhanced both the ambiance   and the image of BODHI.
Everyone appreciated the quality of food served and the service was par excellence!

Participants never expected such a mature pre-bonsai plant as take away gift.  It was potted and brought all the way from Manali.

The Souvenir released on this occasion has such a wealth of information and the participants found it informative.  It may be recalled that Souvenir was brought out at  a very short notice.
They were happy to buy the large unbreakable Bonsai pots made available at the venue.
KUDOS to every one who was involved in the planning, and our dear participants!
Hope to meet you again at our future monthly meetings.

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    Feed back will not be complete unless we know something more about the participants.

    Found students & others from the educational field, homemakers, artists, architects, Ikebanists, professionals including from IT sector among the participants.

    An interesting blend curious to learn more on Bonsai. Is BODHI little surprised to see the awareness level among Chennaivasis ?!

    Interactive sessions were lively which is indicative of the absorption level.

    Dear participants, we are inspired! Let us be in touch through this blog to learn more on Bonsai. We shall promptly post our activities here.