Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bodhi meeting June 9th 2018

The monthly meeting of Bodhi for the month of June was held today, 9th June 2018, at the Defence Colony club, Nandambakkam. It was hosted by our members from Defence colony, who did a fabulous job by putting together a very nice program for the meeting and with wonderful arrangements. The meeting was well attended and I think all the members found the distance they had travelled well worth the time and effort!
The mame display gave the members a chance to show off their miniature creations.
The meeting started at 2.30 p.m. with the styling of members’ plants. This was followed by a talk and demonstration by Jayanti on how to create pads in our bonsai trees. She also gave some valuable tips on feeding the plants. Next, Hareish shared some useful information on the growth, care and blooming of jasmine plants. After this, there were a few more plants of members to be styled. And the meeting wound up with an excellent high tea and sale of plants and bonsai materials. All in all, an extremely satisfying afternoon!

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  1. I had had brought a wild looking divi divi for styling . I had almost given up on the plant after repeated attempts to give it some shape. Dr. Yogesh did a great job making it into a literatty style. It will need some more time to gain true shape though. Nothing better than learning first hand from experts. Gained tremendously today.